The Cautiously Pessimistic Conservative

Tom Haitema, Ed.D.

If you are reading this newsletter then you comprise that small portion of the population that is aware of and wary of the threats our nation faces. You have rejected the inane premises of the networks that members of the GOP are a threat to American democracy and sovereignty. You have tuned out the moronic exhortations of the present occupants of the White House that have tarred and feathered their opponents as traitors and evil-doers. Those thus tarnished even include members of the president's own party- Manchin and Sinema.

While it appears that the Biden Administration has been stymied for now we cannot rest. As someone wrote to the Wilson Times recently; the Democrat Party is like the robot dogs in an episode of Black Mirror called Metalhead; relentless, inexorable, unstoppable and incapable of changing course. Just as the robot dogs hunted down their human prey and eventually caused their demise Democrats will not rest nor pause in their pursuit of power. They are so enamored of their own moral superiority they are willing to demonize and belittle any opponents in order to intimidate them into submission.

Behold what has been done to the January 6th protesters who have languished in D.C. jails for the better part of a year. The message is clear to the rest of us that too vocal an opposition will land you in a heap of trouble. The full court attack on parents opposing school boards in blue districts was an amazing sight. The power of the Department of Justice labeling them as domestic terrorists was brought to bear on these parents who did not back down. Do not underestimate the fortitude of the Mama Bears when their cubs are threatened.Vaccine mandates and mask mandates are another area where ordinary citizens are vilified in order to bring them to heel. Fortunately there are enough ornery and cantankerous individuals that are willing to take on the system that many of these contemptible attacks are now backfiring.

Learned while There is another threat that may have gone unnoticed by many of us. Michelle Obama, wife of the former president, has vowed to have one million new voters registered in time for the general elections in November. We can sit and chuckle at Michelle who should be irrelevant at this point but the main stream media and big tech can make her into a thing. She has the drive, ambition and time on her hands to bring her project to fruition. Make no doubt that divisive politics and racial animus will be a driving force in her attempt to influence the upcoming elections.

What we must do is work on our own grass-roots recruitment efforts within our own spheres of influence.  Get some voter registration forms from the Board of Election and ensure that your like-minded friends and relatives are registered. We can only do our small part and attempt to counter the positively anti-American positions of the Left who will not rest or pause until they have brought us down to the level of Venezuela or Cuba. As British political philosopher Edmond Burke said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.